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You were going along just fine, and out of nowhere life throws you a curve ball and knocks you completely off your game.

You thought you would just bounce back, but instead you notice that it's getting harder to keep your head above water and you feel like you're drowning. 

The stress and isolation of the crisis you find yourself dealing with has you physically, mentally, and spiritually drained, and you wonder how you'll ever get back on track.  

On top of everything, the cumulative stress of a global pandemic and quarantine is only making it harder to hold onto hope.  

You used to be on top of things, but lately you feel out of control in so many areas and you desperately need solutions now.

I understand all to well what it's like to...

~  Be dragging from sheer exhaustion 

~  Feel completely overwhelmed and frustrated by even the slightest problem

~ Desperately struggling to focus, making it almost impossible to accomplish                    anything significant

~ Physically crash after mindlessly consuming too much sugar, caffeine, or alcohol as       you try your best to cope and make it through the day

~ Rapidly lose your patience with those you love and cherish 

~ Beat yourself up for not being able to handle everything you currently have on your     plate

You desperately want the old "you" back because you don't even recognize the woman looking back at you in the mirror.  

It's as if stress is in the driver's seat of your life and you're ready to take back the wheel. 

Let me share a little story...

Hi! I'm Linda McDonnell - Your Health Accountability Coach!

I'm a stay at home mom of my 10 year old hero, Christian Health and Life Coach, and a passionate advocate for childhood cancer research.

I completely understand what you're going through because I’ve been there, and I'm here to tell you that there's hope on the other side of whatever you're facing. 

Over the past several years of our son's medical battle, I felt like I was like living on a rollercoaster that I couldn't get off. 

The exhaustion from sheer dread and fear was debilitating at times.

Living at the hospital for weeks at a time made it difficult to have any kind of consistent self-care routine. 

I often felt consumed with anxiety, sadness, and anger which caused me to isolate from others. 

I emotionally ate trying to comfort myself even if only for a short time, causing stomach upset and unwanted weight gain.

I rarely took time for anything fun or pleasurable because the guilt I felt afterward only increased my self-loathing. 

However, in time, I realized that if I didn't start prioritizing my physical and emotional health, I wouldn't be able to help anyone, especially my son. 

What I discovered...

I learned that managing stress comes down to managing your daily habits.

Eventually, I began taking time for myself, even if it was just a walk outside to clear my head or meditating on a Scripture. 

I began eating healthier, staying hydrated, and exercising which improved my energy, mood, and ability to handle the ongoing crisis.

I ran after God as if my life depended on it, because it did and still does!

I began reaching out to my closest friends, even just to vent, when I needed a break from everything. 

I basically learned how to take care of myself so that I had the necessary reserves to support my son during the fight of his life. 

I'm not going to tell you that there's just one daily habit that will magically make everything better. 

I've discovered that it's the culmination of various lifestyle habits, that when practiced consistently over time, gives you the edge that you are looking for to regain control of how you feel, look, and show up in your life. 

Here's a sneak peek at how our community can support you:

  • Uncover how to release the guilt for prioritizing your self-care during a crisis so that you build trust with yourself
  • Discover how to boost your sleep routine so that you experience increased energy and patience with those you love the most
  • Understand how to choose the right type of food for your body so you can   feel energized, focused, and productive
  • Learn how to get a handle on your schedule so that you feel more in control   of your time
  • Uncover what your food cravings really mean and develop an effective plan to deal with them so that you don't feel guilty after eating
  • Learn how to quickly create a state of relaxation even during crisis moments
  • Understand why committing to an exercise routine is crucial to helping you feel more relaxed and in control of your choices 
  • And so much more! 

My Mission...

I'm on a mission to help you effectively manage crisis-related stress by creating simple health routines that will empower you to feel energized, confident, and proud of yourself.

You are worth the time and effort it takes to feel like more than a conqueror in your life. "Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." Romans 8:37

It would be my honor to support you on this life-changing journey! 

Looking forward to meeting you on the inside!

Love and Blessings, 

Linda xo

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